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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues You Might Encounter

What Are the Most Common Tree Issues You Might Encounter  

Knowing When to Call a Tree Service Provider

If you are starting to notice that your trees have dead branches most of the time or that it does not seem to be producing any leaves anymore, it may be time to get a tree service from a reputable tree professional. When you hire tree specialists, professionals will willingly and happily provide you with the services that your tree needs. They will be able to provide you with the right information regarding why your trees seem to be deteriorating. But what could be the cause of your tree’s illness? Here are a couple of reasons:

Your tree is not getting enough nutrients and minerals.

One of the main reasons why your trees are probably dying or becoming ill is the fact that they might not be getting the right amount of minerals and nutrients. This could probably mean that there are too many plants around the area competing for minerals and nutrients or that you remove too many organic materials from the ground including leaves, twigs, and bark that serve as a natural source of minerals and nutrients once they break down. Tree experts will be able to make sure that they are able to help your trees get back nutrition they need through proper fertilization.

The soil surrounding your tree is compacted.

When your landscape tends to experience a lot of foot traffic, there is a high chance that the soil could get compacted. This is not good as the roots of the trees will not get the right amount of air that it needs which could result in the deterioration of your tree’s health. For sure, a tree expert will be able to find a solution to this issue.

There are pests thriving on your trees.

Pests have a tendency to make a colony in tree trunks. This usually happens when your trees are in poor condition. Once you start experiencing this, it is best that you get a tree professional as soon as you can.

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